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anda suka lagu samy yusuf?
bingung cari lirik lagunya?
disini saya menyediakansebagian dari lirik lagu samy yusuf yang populer:



O Allah the Almighty
Protect me and guide me
To your love and mercy
Ya Allah don’t deprive me
From beholding your beauty
O my Lord accept this plea

Hasbi rabbi jallallah
Ma fi qalbi ghayrullah
My Lord is enough for me, Glory be to Allah
There is nothing in my heart except Allah


Wo tanha kaun hai
Badshah wo kaun hai
Meherba wo kaun hai
Who is the only One?
Who is the King?
Who is the Merciful?

Kya unchi shan hai
Uskey sab nishan hai
Sab dilon ki jan hai
Who is the most praised and benevolent?
Whatever you see in this world is His sign
He’s the love of every soul

Affeder gunahi
Alemin padisahi
Yureklerin penahi
He is the Forgiver of all sins
He is the King of the universe
He is the Refuge of all hearts

Isit Allah derdimi, bu ahlarimi
Rahmeyle, bagisla gunahlarimi
Hayreyle hem aksam hem sabahlarimi
O Allah hear my sorrows and my sighs
Have mercy and pardon my sins
Bless my night and days


Ya rabbal ‘alamin
Salli ‘ala Tahal amin
Fi kulli waqtin wa hin
O Lord of the worlds
Send peace and blessings
On Ta-ha the trustworthy
In every time and at every instant

Imla’ qalbi bil yaqin
Thabbitni ‘ala hadhad din
Waghfir li wal muslimin
Fill my heart with conviction
Make me steadfast on this Religion
And forgive me and all the believers




Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid

La ilaha illallah
Muhammad rasulallah
La ilaha illallah
Muhammad rasulallah
‘Alayhi salatullah
‘Alayhi salatullah

Children are wearing new clothes
Bright colours fill the streets
Their faces full of laughter
Their pockets full of sweets
Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid


Mosques are full of worshippers
in rows straight and neat
Their Lord they remember, His name they repeat
Their hands are raised to the sky
They supplicate and plead
On this blessed day
Forgive us they entreat
Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid


People are giving charity
And helping those in need
In giving they’re competing
Today there is no greed
Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid


Enemies embracing each other
All hatred is buried
Everyone is celebrating
Greeting everyone they meet
Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid



Every day I see the same headlines
Crimes committed in the name of the divine
People committing atrocities in his name
They murder and kidnap with no shame
But did he teach hatred, violence, or bloodshed? No... Oh No

He taught us about human brotherhood
And against prejudice he firmly stood He loved children, their hands he’d hold
And taught his followers to respect the old
So would he allow the murder of an innocent child? Oh No...

Muhammad ya rasulallah
Muhammad ya habiballah
Muhammad ya khalilallah

Muhammad ya rasulallah
Muhammad ya shafi’allah
Muhammad ya bashirallah
Ya rasulallah

Muhammad the light of my eyes
About you they spread many lies
If only they came to realise
Bloodshed you despise




Allahu Allahu Allahu
Allahu Allahu Allahu
Truly He is the One
He has no father or son
Everything in creation was by Him begun
With His infinite power anything could be done
Ask Allah for His Pardon
And you’ll enter the Garden


Before Him there were none
Of partners He has none
He knows what is apparent and what is hidden
All the fate of creation has already been written
His Will is always done
And can never be undone


From amongst all humans
Muhammad was chosen
He was illiterate and he was an orphan
Yet Allah sent him to those who were pagans
Oh Allah let us drink
From his hand in the fountain

Ya Allah You’re the Sovereign
You’re the Sultan of Sultans
Please protect me from Shaytan and all of his treason
Let him not with his whispers my iman ever weaken
My only wish in this life
Is to attain Your Pardon



Blessed is your face
Blessed is your name
My beloved
Blessed is your smile
Which makes my soul want to fly
My beloved
All the nights
And all the times
That you cared for me
But I never realised it
And now it’s too late
Forgive me

Now I’m alone filled with so much shame
For all the years I caused you pain
If only I could sleep in your arms again
Mother I’m lost without you

You were the sun that brightened my day
Now who’s going to wipe my tears away
If only I knew what I know today
Mother I’m lost without you

Ummahu, ummahu, ya ummi
wa shawqahu ila luqyaki ya ummi
Ummuka, ummuka, ummuka ummuka
Qawlu rasulika
Fi qalbi, fi hulumi
Anti ma’i ya ummi
Mother... Mother... O my mother
How I long to see O mother
“Your mother, Your mother, Your mother”
Is the saying of your Prophet
In my heart, in my dreams
You are always with me mother

Ruhti wa taraktini
Ya nura ‘aynayya
Ya unsa layli
Ruhti wa taraktini
Man siwaki yahdhununi
Man siwaki yasturuni
Man siwaki yahrusuni
‘Afwaki ummi
You went and left me
O light of my eyes
O comfort of my nights
You went and left me
Who, other than you, will embrace me?
Who, other than you, will cover me?
Who, other than you, will guard over me?
Your pardon mother, forgive me



Wahdi fi dhulmati layli
Fi wahshati darbi
Hammi yuthqiluni
Dhanbi yu’limuni
Alone, in the darkness of my night
In the loneliness of my path
My worries weigh me down
My sins pain me

Wahdi, ad’uka wa arju
Min dhanbi ashku
Mali siwak
Ana fi himak
Alone, I supplicate to You and I hope
From my sins I complain
I have no one but You
I am at Your door

Farham ‘abdan najak
Ya Allah, ya Allah
Anta alraja
Minka alhuda
Ya Allah, ya Allah
So forgive a servant who intimately calls You
O Allah, O Allah
You are all hope, From You is guidance
O Allah, O Allah

Rabbahu hudak
Ma ziltu asir
Wa’alal ‘isyan
Ma ‘udtu qadir
Fa’anir durubi
Waghfir dhunubi
Fa’anal faqir
O Allah give me your guidance
For I am still imprisoned
Of disobedience I am no longer capable
So illuminate my paths and forgive my sins
For I am poor and in need of You

Qad ‘adal qalbu
Fiddarbi yasir
Farihan mushtaqan
Lillahi yatir
Wa rajahu ridhaka
Yawma liqaka
Antal qadir

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